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Frequently asked questions...

TODD D. MITCHELL University of Boston - This eminent professor of Sexology answers any questions you still may have about ULTIMAX:

How can just 28 capsules make my penis grow 3 inches?

This is the secret of ULTIMAX. Once it is in your body, its enzymes attach themselves specifically cally to your sexual cells that automatically activate their receptors. A mechanical action then occurs that inevitably acts on the length, thickness and girth of your penis. The action mechanism of ULTIMAX has been proven by the worlds largest ever study conducted by 100 doctors.

Why is it advised to take a oneweek break after 7 days of treatment?

This is very important as these same “phallus enlarging” enzymes have a delayed action, something that is very well known in the pharmaceutical industry. This means that while the enzymes in one dose work for 2 to 3 days, the enzymes in the second dose taken the following day accumulate with the previous ones and work for 3 to 4 days more, and so on. Th is means we know that aft er 7 days, a su ffi cient quantity of active agents remains in your body to continue increasing the size of your virile member over the following week, which will easily grow 3 inches!

What happens if I carry on with a second round of treatment, then a third…?

Most importantly, you need to know one thing: Taking successive treatments will not result in any side eff ects, but you must always take a week’s break between each 14-day cure. For the results, its a simple calculation: 14 days of treatment + 7-day break + 14 days of treatment = 6 inches more for a total of 56 capsules swallowed. It is possible to do a third round of treatment that will endow your penis with an extra 9 inches! Make sure you don’t overdo it as you could become “Mr 12 Inches” and your penis will be too big for a number of women…

And if I don’t obtain satisfactory results?

Generally, you always benefi t from a free trial cure. If, by chance, you do not get the expected results, all you need to do is return your pill dispensers, even empty, and you will be refunded in full.

Also, the MG Performance laboratory would be delighted to receive your written testimony, to try and pinpoint the treatment phase that might have failed.

But with a 97% success rate it would be very surprising if this programme didn’t work for you, especially when the remaining 3% do not really constitute failures but rather results that cannot be interpreted because dosages were not respected.